VA Loan Credit Score Requirements

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Credit Scores for VA LoansWhat are the VA Loan credit score requirements?

Oftentimes Veterans are told they don’t qualify for their VA Loan when they still may be actually able to get one elsewhere.

The reason behind this is that different lenders have different credit score requirements.

For example Goldwater Bank (the company that I work for) requires that the Veteran have a minimum credit score of just 600 in order to be able to obtain a VA Home Loan. While I am familiar with other institutions whose VA Loan Credit Score Requirements are a 620.

So again, just because you may have been told that you don’t qualify for your VA Loan does not mean that you are not be able to seek financing elsewhere, which is exactly why I am here to serve you.

Video About VA Loan Credit Score Requirements

If you have questions about your VA Loan and the specifics of the credit score requirements I would be honored to serve you! My name is Jimmy Vercellino and I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran Specializing in VA Loans.

Feel free to roger up with my by emailing me at

Thank you and may God bless you for your service to our great country!

Semper Fidelis,
Jimmy Vercellino

VA Loan Credit Score Requirements
Article Name
VA Loan Credit Score Requirements
Different lenders have different VA Loan Credit Score requirements - just because you've been told that you don't qualify doesn't mean that you are not be able to seek financing elsewhere.

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  1. robert Truman

    I had a va foreclose and bankruptcy more than 4 years ago. I contacted the va today and they stated that I still can use my certificate for a minimum of 144000 to a maximum of 273000. I now live in the chandler area 85226 and my apartment lease expires the end of this coming April, would you be able to help us ?

    • Hi Robert!

      Yes, I would be honored to assist you. That said, please log onto my website at and apply for you VA Loan by clicking on the “apply” link. Be sure to do the full application and once your done it will download directly to my computer and I will then follow up with you shortly after.

      Thank you