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Jimmy Vercellino, then as a Marine and now as a VA Loan Specialist
Jimmy Vercellino giving interview on the Good Morning Arizona TV show

Jimmy Vercellino talks about VA Home Loans on Good Morning Arizona

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VA Home Loan?

VA guaranteed loans are made by private lenders, such as banks, savings & loans, or mortgage companies to eligible veterans for the purchase of a home which must be for their own personal occupancy. The guaranty means the lender is protected against loss if you or a later owner fail to repay the loan. The guaranty replaces the protection the lender normally receives by requiring a down payment.

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What Types of VA Loans Are Available?

Whether you are looking for a first mortgage, adding a second mortgage or trying to refinance an existing mortgage, it is helpful to understand more about the general loan classifications and types of VA loans available to you. Mortgage loans are categorized as either fixed rate mortgages (FRM), adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) or some combination (hybrid) of the two.

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Can I Refinance a VA Loan?

Some worry that refinancing takes too much time and money, but fortunately the process is simple. Refinancing is simply the process of paying of your existing loan with a new one. Your new loan could be for a better interest rate, a shorter/longer term, or a different amount. In fact, your new loan could be an entirely different type. For example, instead of an adjustable-rate mortgage you could opt for a fixed-rate mortgage.

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6 Simple Steps

The VA Home Loan Journey

With a VA Home Loan Specialist, the process just got easier!

1 - Partner with a Trusted Lender
2 - Find Your Dream Home
3 - Order a VA Appraiser
4 - Receive a Loan Approval
5 - Celebrate the Loan Closing

Frequently Asked Questions

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May 10th, 2022Misc

How VA Home Loans Work

As the home market continues to fluctuate, it may be the perfect time to buy with the VA Home loan. If you’re an active-duty service member or vet, there’s a good chance you qualify.

You don’t want to miss out on this 0% down payment home loan to move into your family’s dream home.

However, VA Loans are not the same conventional loans, FHA loans or other home financing options. They have unique service qualifications, eligibility, and benefits that no other loan has.

That’s because the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) guarantees them and places regulations in so you can enjoy your home without default or financial obstacles.

Whether this is your first time buying a primary residence or you’re going at it again, you’ll need to freshen up on how VA Home Loans work.

author image
By Jimmy Vercellino
April 25th, 2022Misc

VA Loan Calculator for Veterans

If you’re a vet or active duty service member, that means you qualify for the VA Loan. But what will your monthly payments look like and what factors contribute to the total loan amount?

When working with an experienced lender, it’s important to know these numbers so you can get the most affordable rate.

Below is a simple VA mortgage calculator and some factors that affect your monthly payments.

author image
By Jimmy Vercellino
April 22nd, 2022Misc

Everything You Need to Know about the VA Funding Fee

If you’re an active-duty service member or veteran, you’ve probably heard about the amazing benefits the VA Loan offers.

With no down payment, zero private mortgage insurance, and flexible credit score requirements, it’s the most affordable home loan for the military.

However, you may be going through the VA Loan Journey with a lender and discovered there’s a VA Funding Fee at closing. Or you could be doing research to prepare for a VA Loan and are frustrated at paying the fee.

We want to encourage you that VA Funding Fees are not what you think at first. Even with this closing cost, the VA Home Loan still ranks as the top financing option on the market.

Our VA mortgage lenders will explain more about VA Funding Fees and an experienced lender secret that will minimize the price.

author image
By Jimmy Vercellino
March 18th, 2022Requirements

How Many VA Loans Can You Have at Once?

VA Loans are by far the best home financing option for veterans and active-duty service members. Millions of military personnel are purchasing their first homes or retiring their dream homes all across the United States. You can become eligible for these home loan benefits by meeting the service and financial requirements.

After you use a VA Loan, it’s understandable to want another one, especially if you have a large family. You could also be moving with a permanent change of station orders and not want the pressure of selling your current home first before you can apply for another VA Home Loan.

How many VA loans can you have at once? The simple answer to this question is as many as you’d like. When a lender looks at your county’s conforming loan limits and your entitlement, they can help you buy a home with a VA Loan.

author image
By Jimmy Vercellino