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VA Loans in Texas

The VA Loan program guarantees mortgage and refinancing loans for eligible service members and active duty military in Texas.

Get your dream home with no down payment and less stringent income and credit score requirements.

Texas VA Loans With No Down Payments

Our Great Country created the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to help you and other service members who have sacrificed for the American Dream get to enjoy it too. We partner with this generous program so your family can move into your dream home without a down payment.

Conventional mortgages penalize you for paying less than 20% down payment, such as higher interest rates and PMI. However, the VA guarantees part of your home amount, so private lenders like us can give you a residence without all the extra fees.

Affordable VA Loans in Texas

Whether you’re looking for a ranch-style house or a place for your family to settle in the suburbs, the VA Loan program will help you get that home. Our team takes you along the VA Loan Journey in rural Texas and big cities such as Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.

You get cheaper interest rates and monthly payments than conventional and other traditional home loans, thanks to the generous donation of our Great County.

We provide the best VA Loan terms on the housing market for active-duty service members and veterans.

  • No Down Payment Requirement
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Lower Credit Score Requirements
  • Lower Income Requirements

Why Veterans Choose to Settle in Texas

There are plenty of reasons veterans, spouses of deceased veterans, and active-duty military want to settle in Texas. The State offers a booming economy and diverse lifestyles. Whether you want to live in a large city or your own area in rural Texas, a VA Home Loan can help you get your dream home.

Low Cost of Living

No Income Tax

Strong and Growing Economy

Unique Culture

Several military bases, including Joint Base Camp Bullis in San Antonio and Ford Hood

VA Loan Eligibility in Texas

The VA has a variety of eligibility requirements for this loan program dealing with years of service, finances, and more. We would be honored to determine your eligibility and walk you through how VA Loans work in Texas. You can move forward in confidence that you’ll be approved after meeting the VA Loan Texas requirements. Our team can help you take advantage of nearly $600,000 in VA Loan Texas limits for the perfect home.

If you’re one of the following military personnel, you have a shot at being eligible for all the incredible benefits of the VA Home Loan!

  • Active-Duty Service Member
  • Veteran
  • Current/Discharged National Guard Member
  • Current/Discharged Reserve Member
  • Surviving Unmarried Spouse

The VA Loan has affordable financial requirements with zero money down so that you can become eligible for your dream Texas home!

  • Credit Score: 620
  • DTI Requirement: > 41%
  • Disability Grants Available
  • Native American Direct Loan Available

Enjoy Your Dream Home in Texas with Personalized Service

We walk veterans, active-duty military, and surviving spouses daily through the VA Loan Journey. Our VA Loan lenders in Texas believe purchasing a home for your family is personal. It’s our mission to honor your sacrifice with our lending services.

Our experienced lenders make purchasing a primary residence through the VA loan program simple. You can utilize your full entitlements to obtain beautiful homes in Texas with a military-run team to support you. With our team guiding you every step of the way, you’ll be enjoying your dream home in no time.

VA Loans for Texas, the Southwest,
and the Entire Country

Our mission is to assist veterans and active-duty military throughout the United States with the VA home loan process. You can maximize your VA Loan benefits and VA mortgage to move your family into the home you’ve always wanted.

Maybe you’re a Texas veteran looking to purchase your dream home in San Antonio or an out-of-state veteran looking to move outside of Austin. In either case, we’ve got you covered, ensuring you meet the Texas VA requirements and get the lowest rate.

Jimmy Vercellino and our team will partner with you from the beginning. From your application for a certificate of eligibility from the VA to the closing of your dream home. We help you finance your dream home in Texas or anywhere in this Great Country.

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