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How to Buy a Foreclosed Home with a VA Loan
Are you interested in buying a foreclosed property? Foreclosures can be an excellent opportunity to purchase a home below market value, but they do come with their own special set of considerations. Keep reading to...
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How to Get a VA Loan Offer Accepted
The real estate housing market may be cooling some, which is good news for veterans and military service members looking to buy a home. Still, challenges remain for home buyers with qualified mortgage loans backed...
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VA Residual Income Chart and Guidelines
If you are considering buying a home and are interested in applying for a VA loan, you may wonder whether you will qualify. It is essential to understand the different factors that may affect your...
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What is a DD214 and How do I Obtain It?
Knowing heartache and sacrifice that civilians don’t, the United States military wants to reward you for years of service. Universities offer tuition scholarships, lenders provide affordable home loans, and some employers even give special hiring...
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Obtaining a VA Construction Loan to Build a Home
Have you spent weeks searching for your dream home with a real estate agent but can’t seem to find the right fit? It is disheartening when you can’t find a home your partner and kids...
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Purchasing a Home in Active Duty Military
Housing is always a consideration when you’re on active duty. Your superior will approach you about PSC and ask where your family will live. He will offer you military housing on base or expect you...
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What to Look for in a VA Loans Appraisal Most people believe they are getting another home inspection when the VA requires them to get an appraisal. It might seem like a hurdle to have a second pair of eyes looking on the property...
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How Many Times Can I Use My VA Loan?
Your status as a member of the military or an eligible spouse makes it possible to use a special type of loan to make owning your dream home easier. Home loans for veterans provide lifelong...
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Is it Safe to Co-Sign a Mortgage Loan?
Sometimes home buyers encounter the hurdle of not fully meeting the requirements for obtaining a home loan. When this happens, a lender might ask for a co-signer as further insurance against someone defaulting on their...
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The Benefits of Paying Off Your VA Loan Early
Using your military status and experience to get the best interest rates on a home loan already puts you one step ahead. Making plans to pay off the loan early is another smart move. You...
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