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What to Do When VA Appraisal Comes Too Low?
It is important to work closely with your loan officer so that if something goes awry they will be available to offer guidance. Whether you are worried about closing costs or your home appraisal comes...
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Can a Surviving Spouse Get a VA Loan?
A VA loan is a unique type of mortgage that is guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) specifically for service members. In the devastating event that a veteran or service member passes...
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Can You Get a VA Loan with Bad Credit?
Buying a home is both exhilarating and somewhat overwhelming, especially when you begin to look at your financing options. If you have served in the military, or are a surviving spouse of someone who served,...
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How to Buy a Foreclosed Home with a VA Loan
Are you interested in buying a foreclosed property? Foreclosures can be an excellent opportunity to purchase a home below market value, but they do come with their own special set of considerations. Keep reading to...
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Are VA Loans Assumable? A Guide to Assuming a VA Loan
Yes, VA loans are assumable. However, they do come with specific requirements and important considerations for both the buyer and the seller. If you’re interested in assuming a VA loan or having your VA loan...
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VA Loan vs. FHA Loan: Which is Best for Homebuyers?
Buying a home can be an exciting venture, but it can also be overwhelming when you start to consider financing options. It can sometimes be difficult to gather enough information to determine which loan option...
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VA Minimum Property Requirements (MPRs) for Home Loans
Are you a veteran or actively serve in the US military? Your military service has earned you benefits. One of these is the opportunity to buy a home with a VA home loan. The VA...
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VA Loan Appraisals vs. Conventional Loan Appraisals
Are you a veteran or active duty service member looking to buy a home? The home buying process involves several factors, but the real estate appraisal is the one that makes many people nervous. However,...
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How to Get a VA Loan Offer Accepted
The real estate housing market may be cooling some, which is good news for veterans and military service members looking to buy a home. Still, challenges remain for home buyers with qualified mortgage loans backed...
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Is a VA Loan Still a Good Option in a Bad Economy?
Are you considering applying for a loan to buy a home during a recession? The economy's ups and downs can significantly impact whether individuals decide to move forward with applying for a loan and taking...
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