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VA Loan Underwriting

Ready to buy your dream home? The final step in any home-buying journey is usually the loan underwriting process. If you’re hoping to use a VA loan, you’ll need to know what to expect from the VA loan underwriting process....
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Everything You Need to Know About VA IRRRL

The VA loan program allows active duty service members, veterans, and surviving spouses access to owning a home with zero down payment, no private mortgage insurance, and minimal credit score requirements. This program allows for exceptional benefits because up to...
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What to Do When VA Appraisal Comes Too Low?

It is important to work closely with your loan officer so that if something goes awry they will be available to offer guidance. Whether you are worried about closing costs or your home appraisal comes back too low, you have...
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Is a VA Loan Still a Good Option in a Bad Economy?

Are you considering applying for a loan to buy a home during a recession? The economy's ups and downs can significantly impact whether individuals decide to move forward with applying for a loan and taking on a home mortgage. In...
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VA Loan Limits Calculator as of 2022

Are you a service member, veteran, or survivor wondering about your ability to purchase a home? Whether this will be your first home or not, the information below will help you determine the maximum VA home loan for which you...
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What You Need to Know About VA Home Loan Limits

After years of service to the United States military, your family is finally ready to put roots down and find your dream home. Imagine an open floor plan with enough room for all your kids to run around and play....
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