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Jimmy Vercellino in the Media

USA Today Article: Perseverance pays off for former Marine Jimmy On Tour Tune in to AM 960 The Patriot to hear Jimmy discussing the benefits of VA Loans to Veterans. Jimmy Vercellino on AM 960 The Patriot
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What is a VA Home Loan

https://youtu.be/F-rKloqTpSo These are special loans made by private lenders such as banks or mortgage companies and are designed specifically for veterans in mind. These work toward bringing the military families into homeownership and provide a house their family can live...
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Can I Finance 2 Homes Using VA Loans?

Finance 2 Homes Using VA Loans? One of the ultimate sacrifices that someone can make is risking their life by volunteering in the US Armed Forces. One of the benefits of being a member of the military, or being a...
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Can I Buy Land with VA Loan?

Can I Use My VA Home Loan to Buy Land? The Department of Veterans Affairs allows borrowers to use a VA home loan to buy land and construct a new home on a piece of property as an alternative to...
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Bad Credit Rating – Can I Get A VA Loan?

Can I Get A VA Loan With a Bad Credit Rating? While most VA home loan requirements are looser than those set by traditional banks, the VA still has some requirements when it comes to borrower credit score. If you...
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Everything You Need to Know about the VA Funding Fee

If you’re an active-duty service member or veteran, you’ve probably heard about the amazing benefits the VA Loan offers. With no down payment, zero private mortgage insurance, and flexible credit score requirements, it’s the most affordable home loan for the military....
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