Moves are known for being stressful, but yours doesn’t have to be too challenging. Over the years, we’ve watched and learned from the experiences of countless numbers of homebuyers.

These are the best tips we’ve found for smoothly moving to a new house.

Create a Special Moving File

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During the moving process, you’ll encounter many requests for essential documents. Make it easy to find financial information and tax returns by creating a special file designated for your move on your computer.

Create a to-do list and information about movers and other services on your phone or tablet for quick reference. This will save you from wasting time searching for what you need.

Get a Head Start Now

People sometimes wait to start packing until they’ve already found a home. This tends to lead to rushed, disorganized moves. Once you’ve initiated the home buying process, start going through your belongings. There are likely non-essentials that you can box up now to leave more time for packing the other things later. This is also a great time to donate or throw away all the things you’ve hung onto over the years that you really have no need for.

Pack With Your New Home In Mind

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Professional movers often advise packing according to what goes in each room. This advice is sound, and you can take it one step further by thinking ahead. Right now, you might have items in your living room that are better suited for a home office. Try to Label items with the room where you want them to be unpacked. This helps every box to be put in the right room with only the items that belong there.

Get Your Moving Crew Together Early

Professional movers are known to show up on time. They also know how to pack and transport your belongings efficiently. Having your friends and family help is a budget-friendlier option that also works well. In either case, you need to give everyone an advanced warning. Making the moving arrangements early helps you lock in the people that you want to help on moving day.

Prepare an Overnight Box

After unloading your boxes into your new home, you might not have much time left in the evening to get things set up. Packing a special box for the first night makes it easy to prepare dinner and get ready for bed. Travel with the box to prevent it from getting lost or stuck on the truck during a delay.

Think About the Little Details

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Unwanted moving day surprises include situations such as discovering that there are rules governing parking in front of the house. Check into whether or not the HOA or local ordinances require parking permits for big trucks. It also helps to give the new house a thorough check. If you know that a big piece of furniture won’t fit through the door now, then you’ll have time to figure out a solution before it arrives.

Moving should be an exciting time that feels more like an adventure than a headache. Take some time to make sure that you know what you want, and then go for it. Viewing your move from a step-by-step perspective helps you to keep the right mindset for eliminating stress.