I can remember when I first began my career in the Mortgage Banking business back in 2005 of course things were much different then. So different that many veterans were being told not to use their VA Home Loan benefits because more competitive loans existed. Boy, were they wrong!

The VA Home Loan is one of the best options that a Veteran has available for purchasing a home. These are benefits we have earned by honorably defending this great nation with our blood, sweat, and tears.

There has been much confusion regarding VA Home Loans over the years. In reality, VA Home Loans have some of the most competitive rates that exist on the market today therefore allowing veterans to purchase more home, with lower monthly payments.

The VA Home Loan is the only 100% finance, no down payment loan program, with no geographical restrictions that exists on the market today. This allows a Veteran to purchase a home priced up to $417,000 (in most counties) with no down payment, and in some cases priced even higher!

The VA Home Loan also allows the Veteran to never worry about getting “trapped” in their home because it has no pre-payment penalties. Meaning, you can sell your home whenever you would like, avoiding costly fines and penalties.

In addition, in many cases, the Veteran is eligible to have certain closing costs waived further reducing their out of pocket expenses thereby allowing them to save their hard earned money.

Lastly, the Veterans has options with the VA Home Loan that allows them to choose from a variety of mortgage options ranging from a 30 year fixed rate mortgage, to a 15 year fixed rate mortgage, and in some cases even a 5 Year Adjustable Rate Mortgage, commonly referred to as an ARM.

So if you would like to see if your VA Home Loan is right for you. Give me a call, I speak your language, and I know what it means to serve.

Semper Fidelis,

Jimmy Vercellino

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