If you would have asked me 10 Years if I would be helping Veterans in other states about helping them with their VA Loan Benefits I wouldn’t have believed you. Today, because of the huge response that I receive from Veterans across our great nation I find myself writing a blog about it. Wow! It’s truly amazing and I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to serve Veterans across the U.S. will all of their VA Loan Financing needs.

Having said all of that it still remains a question that I get from Veterans which feels like on a daily basis from Veterans that are finding me online. That question “Jimmy can you do VA Loans in other states?” The answer…absolutely. With First Choice Loan Services we are licensed to lend in about 46 out of 50 states so I would say the chances are pretty good that we are going to be able to assist Veterans with VA Loans in other states. So let’s do the right thing and just make sure we are good to go and we can get to work right away with getting you ready to use your VA Loan Benefit.

For more questions about VA Loans please feel free to contact me directly 602-908-5849.