Looking for VA Loan in Gilbert AZ ?

This blog post had to come sooner or later. I say that because it seems as if more and more Veterans are purchasing homes in Gilbert and talking about and how much they love it, and honestly I can’t blame them. With more and more Veterans exiting the military and relocating to the Valley of the Sun I feel like it’s a safe bet to say that we are going to see our Veteran population grow who want to want to take advantage of their VA Loan in Gilbert AZ.

For what reasons you ask? I’ll give you a few.. Gilbert seems to have a sense of community that you might have a hard time finding in other parts of the Valley. In addition to great schools, coupled with clean streets, and a happening downtown that is drawing in award winning Restaurants like North, Postino’s, and many others make Gilbert the Southeast Valley’s happening spot.

So if you are a Veteran and you would like to purchase a home in Gilbert – I have good news for you, it’s still very affordable. For a VA Loan in Gilbert AZ a Veteran may be able to purchase a home to $417,000 with no money down! Keep in mind that this is the only type of loan that will allow somebody to do this. In addition to the no down payment the VA Loan allows for less than perfect credit allowing a Veteran to possibly obtain a VA Loan with a credit score as low as 600.

So if you are in the market to purchase a home and would like to know more about how you can use your VA Loan in Gilbert AZ the first thing that you need to do is get pre qualified. Once you have accomplished that we can get you in touch with a Real Estate Professional who can begin to show you homes in this rockin city. You can apply by going to https://www.valoansforvets.com/apply/ or you can call me today at 602-908-5849.

Lastly if you would like you can also email me at [email protected] to take advantage of one of the most competitive loans on the marketplace.

Jimmy Vercellino is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and Mortgage Originator Specializing in VA Loans and serving Veterans and Active Duty Service Members.