Hello Fellow Veterans and Active Duty Service-Members!

Often times Veterans who apply for a VA Loan and are issued a VA Loan Denial for different reasons…some of which are valid, and some of which may not be.

Having said that, if you have received a VA Loan Denial for any reason it’s critical that you get a second opinion. The reason that you will want to get a second opinion is because not all lenders that originate VA Loans are created equa. In other words…different lenders have different guidelines. So while one VA Lender may say no to a VA Loan another may say yes.

Throughout my career I have been fortunate and blessed to serve a handful of Veterans that were unfortunately declined for their VA Loan by another VA Lender, only to later be approved and become homeowners after having our team review their VA Loan.

If you or somebody you know has been issued a VA Loan Denial please feel free to roger-up with me and I will be happy to give your loan a no cost review to see if there is something that was missed and most importantly if your loan can be approved.

My mission is simple to provide and assist all Veterans and Active Duty Service Members with all of their VA Home Loan Financing needs.

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Semper Fidelis,
Jimmy Vercellino 602-908-5849
Mortgage Originator, Specializing in VA Loans
NMLS #184169