Looking for a VA Lender in Arizona?

If you’re a Veteran and currently live, or plan on moving to Arizona and would like to purchase a house you might be looking for a VA Lender.

However, the real question is – who do I use and who can I trust?

There are plenty of lenders in Arizona who originate VA Loans. However, what we have found is that very few actually specialize in VA Loans and have devoted their mortgage practice to the Veteran and Active Duty Military Homebuyer.

Veterans seeking a VA Lender in Arizona should always ask the following questions when seeking financing from a VA Lender.

  • How long does it take your company to close on a VA Loan? If more than 30 days this could make your offer less competitive.
  • Are you a direct endorsed VA Lender? This allows your lender to decision your loan file upfront and not send your loan to VA to be underwritten saving you precious time.
  • What are the fees you charge in conjunction with the VA Loan? Do they seem on the high side?
  • How familiar are you with VA Loans? If the lender cannot confidently answer your questions quickly you may want to reconsider working with them.

For more information and questions about finding a VA Lender in Arizona feel free to contact us directly at [email protected] or direct at 602-908-5849.

Jimmy Vercellino is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and Mortgage Originator Specializing in VA Loans. His mission is simple–To provide and assist Veterans and Active Duty Servicemembers, regardless of service, with all of their VA Financing needs.

Last year Jimmy and his team were fortunate enough to serve over 65 Veterans and Active Duty Servicemembers and their families with their VA Loans, resulting in over $14,000,000 worth of VA Loans originated.