How Long do VA Loans Take to Close ?

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How Long do VA Loans Take to Close?

Over the years many Veterans and Real Estate Professionals have asked me the question… “How long do VA Loans take to close?” And the answer that I give them is – it depends! The reality is that VA Loans take no longer to close than FHA or Conventional loans, and in my opinion should not take more than 30 days from start to finish.

So by now you might be asking the question “Why did the lender tell me that VA Loans take 45-60 days?” Here’s why – because its that specific lending company’s turn-time, meaning that’s how long it takes them to close the loan – not VA.

The truth is the VA really has limited involvement (really none) so saying that VA Loans take longer is really not fair to the VA or the Veteran for that matter. That said, we just closed 2 Veterans VA Loans this week in less than 3 weeks. Now of course this is not the norm, but it just goes to show that VA Loans can be closed very quickly and efficiently allowing Vets to take take ownership of their home.

Having said all of that if you are currently working with a lender that has quoted you 45-60 days, or or is just lagging altogether, you may want to look for another mortgage company that can close on your loan sooner than that saving you time, energy, and of course, money.

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  1. I have a different experience with the VA loan. The lenders and everyone else is ready to close but waiting on the va apprasial. The VA only has a handful if appraisers in the area and they must be used. According to the appraiser they are able to put limits on how many appraisals they accept. When demand is high and only a handful of appraisers are available things get pushed back. The va publishes timeliness guidelines, and in our stateam the appraise is suppose to happen within 14 days. Because the appraiser does not “acceot” the assignment for a few weeks means our closing date was pushed back by nearly 1 month.. everything is done and ready only waiting for a va appraisal and you can’t shop around for someone quicker because it is a va loan. This is very disappointing service to our veterans. It should not take 60-70 days to close when the have been zero issues for buyer or seller.

    • I agree. It saddens me to hear that you are having that experience. That said, I would call the VA Regional Loan Center at 602-627-3050 to take action and have them move along the appraisal.

      Also, I would presssure your lender to stay on top of the appraiser. They have access to the appraiser and can request frequent status updates and let the appraiser know the sense of urgency. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions.