VA Loan Foreclosure Rules

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Dependent upon who you talk to and on which day VA Loan Foreclosure rules may change and vary. However, one thing is absolutely certain. VA Loan Foreclosure rules require that a Veteran or Active Duty Service Member must usually wait a minimum of 2 years before they can purchase a home again. Having said that it’s important to understand that the VA Loan Foreclosure Rules are probably the most lenient in the industry. I took some time to put together the video below that reviews the VA Loan Foreclosure Rules and even goes into detail regarding VA Loan and Short Sales, Foreclosures, and Bankruptcy’s.


When I think about how many Veterans that are out there that may have foreclosed on a VA Loan in the past I am sure they are probably thinking…”Gosh VA will never lend me any money again.” However, please understand that all is not lost. The fact is that there are a lot of Veterans out there that may have foreclosed on a VA Loan that have no idea that they could use their VA Loan benefits tomorrow. Here’s how it works.

First off, VA Loans require that the Veteran must wait the minimum 2 year waiting period when seeking new VA financing. Secondly, once the Veteran has waited the required time period he may obtain a new certificate of eligibly that will show us (the lender) how much of your VA Loan entitlement you have remaining. Once we determine the amount of entitlement you have left we will then calculate your new maximum VA Home Loan loan amount that that may be eligible for. From there it’s off and running and time to put your VA Loan to work.

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  1. Did the VA come after you for any deficiency after you were foreclosed on? That would be my concern.

    • Hi Tamee,

      Thanks for the question… I have never personally seen the VA come after the Veteran for the deficiency on the VA Home Loan. In most cases the Veteran will lose the opportunity to use his or her VA Home Loan in the future. If you have any other questions or concerns please let me know.

      With gratitude,
      Jimmy V.