For Active Duty Military PCS orders are a part of life. Once PCS Orders to Luke AFB are received Airmen and their families are faced with many difficult decisions.

With so many moving parts it often times can be a tough choice when deciding if it’s better to live on base, rent, or buy a home in the civilian sector.

If you have received PCS Orders to Luke AFB you may be asking those questions right now.

That said, understand that you have choices. The Luke AFB community offers many great options for Airmen and their families when moving to Arizona.

If you have given any thought about purchasing a home but are intimidated by the process, please understand that it is not as hard as many say it is.

First off, understand that living on base while it may be convenient can have a waiting list and leave you with no decision other than to move out into the civilian sector. S

econdly, a question that you need to ask yourself if this. How long will you be stationed at Luke AFB? If you will be stationed at Luke AFB for more than 2 years (and in some cases shorter) it may make sense for you to purchase a home.

As you are aware, if you live on base Uncle Sam pockets your full BAH, whereas if you rent or own in the civilian sector. you get to keep the difference between your rent or mortgage payment.

Lastly, if you are debating between renting and purchasing, understand that often times you can own a home for just as much, if not less, than what you could rent a home for in the Luke AFB area.

Furthermore receiving PCS Orders to LUke AFB as an Active Duty Military Service Member you are entitled to home purchasing benefits that civilians could only dream of.

With the VA Home Loan an Active Duty Service Member may be able to purchase a home with no down payment and limited closing cost.

In some cases I have personally assisted Airmen with purchasing a home and literally not paying $1.00 out of pocket to do so.

So if you have received PCS Orders to Luke AFB then and you are interested in purchasing a home and would like to find out how much you qualify, for we would love the opportunity to give you a free pre-qualification and discuss your budget with you to see if purchasing a home is right for you and your family.

To apply for you VA Home Loan and see how much you simply click on the Apply link and apply, and somebody from our team will follow up with you in less than 24 hours.