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What are the Benefits of Using Your VA Loan?

Hello, it’s Jimmy Vercellino here. What is up to all of my veteran’s and active duty service members? Today I wanted to talk to you about the benefit of utilizing your VA home loan benefits.

There’s so much information out there but today I want to give you just a few bullet points of what to focus on with a VA loan.

So let’s start by stating the most obvious. The VA loan is the only, only, only, only, only (did I say only?) only 100% financing loan that’s available on the market place today that allows men and women to purchase a home up to any purchase price they would like with no money down.

Now some might say, well there are some other types of loans out there, down payment assistance or even a USDA loan. However, the VA loan does not have any geographical restrictions. It’s the only loan that allows us as veterans to do this.

So some additional benefits of the VA loan. There is NO, what’s referred to as private mortgage insurance.

Simply stated, this allows us as veterans to be able to save money when it comes to utilizing our home loan by not putting any money down. So, for example if we taking out a conventional loan or even an FHA loan, any LTV, that means loan to value ratio that’s greater than 80% requires PMI. PMI, you don’t want to pay it if you don’t have to, which is why we as veterans are able to save money on our VA home loan benefit because we don’t have to pay that monthly PMI.

In other words, it doesn’t exist when it comes to a VA loan.

Some additional benefits about the VA loan; you can use it to purchase a home, you can even use it to refinance a home. In addition to that, you can use it for a single family residence, you can use it to purchase a condominium or town home. The VA loan is incredibly unique that is not a one-size fits all. In fact, you can even use the VA loan to construct or build a house.There’s a lot of opportunity when it comes to our VA financing, which Veteran’s need to know about.

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