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How To Get Pre-Approved For a VA Home Loan

The Veteran’s Affairs Department has many programs designed to benefit our past and present service members. One of these benefits is the VA home loans. With VA loans, you can receive special rates and $0 down payments for the house...
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What is a VA Assumable Loan?

VA assumable loans are a great option for buying a home. Assuming a VA loan can mean lower interest rates and smaller monthly payments for your home loan. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what is a VA assumable loan,...
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VA Loan Credit Score Requirements

VA loans have many advantages, one of which is the relaxed credit score requirements. VA loans are backed by the government, making them less risky for lenders. Because of this, lenders usually have a lower credit score requirement to qualify...
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DTI for VA Loan

Understanding and navigating the VA loan process can be tricky. From DTI to credit scores, there is a lot to consider when applying for a VA home loan. Wondering if your debt-to-income ratio will affect your VA loan application? We’ve...
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VA Appraisal Requirements

VA appraisals are a required element of applying for a VA loan. It is a necessary step to help you avoid major pitfalls throughout the home-buying process. There can be a lot that goes into finding an appraiser and conducting...
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Pest Inspection for VA Loan

Pests can cause a significant amount of damage. On top of these repairs, getting rid of a pest infestation can be costly. To prevent pests from becoming a future issue after buying a home, many mortgage lenders will require that...
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