2018 VA Loan Limits in Arizona

Big news for 2018 VA Loan Limits in Arizona. They have gone up, yet again! 2018 Arizona VA Loan Limits for Maricopa County have increased from $424,100 (2017) up to $453,100 with no money down. This mean Veterans and Active Duty Military can finance more with no additional money out of pocket. Our VA Home Loan Benefit is the only 100% financing with no money down and no private mortgage insurance home loan available on the marketplace. This increase makes the VA loan one of the most competitive loans available for Veterans today.

Did you know that the VA does not actually have a maximum VA Loan limit? They just have a maximum loan amount with no money down. The VA will allow us as Veterans to finance more than $453,100 by putting down 25% of the difference between the purchase price and the 2018 Arizona VA Loan Limits of $453,100. This is an incredible opportunity for Veterans seeking financing above the $453,100 threshold with no money down.

2018 VA Loan Limits do not just apply to purchasing a home. The good news is that if a Veteran would like to use the VA Loan for the purpose of a refinance, they too are eligible for the increased loan limits as well.

VA Loan Limits in Arizona

What are VA Loan Limits in Arizona?


It’s more than you might think. VA Loan Limits in vary across the nation. However in all counties  in Arizona the VA Loan allows a Veteran to purchase a home up to $417,000 with no down payment. Pretty cool right? The reality is that the VA Loan has received a bad wrap in the past for being notorious for low loan amounts, and sub-prime loan. However, this of course is not the case. Simply stated, you can find an amazing home in Arizona for this kind of price.

Every year the Department of Veterans affairs gives updated numbers based upon specific counties across the United States. That said, for as long as I can remember VA Loan Limits in Arizona have stayed right at $417,000 and have not gone any lower. In fact, the VA Loan actually allows a Veteran to obtain a loan higher than the numbers listed below with a limited down payment.

Below is a list of counties and the max VA Loan Limits in Arizona.

County NameSingle Family Home
($0 down and up to)
Max Guaranty
LA PAZ$417,000.00$1,000,000
SANTA CRUZ$417,000.00$1,000,000

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Thank you and may God Bless you for your service to our great country.

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